Who is Richard Moore?

Richard Moore is a Drogheda-based artist who has been painting in the Boyne Valley for a quarter of a century.

Working mainly in oils, acrylics and watercolour, he has his own studio at Dublin Road, Drogheda.

Richard is co-author of the acclaimed book Island of the Setting Sun and his beautiful paintings adorn the opening of each chapter.

He draws great inspiration from the ancient monuments and myths of the Boyne Valley, and in addition has painted many streetscapes, portraits and still life.

Richard regularly receives commissions for new work, and is very popular for his 'nightscapes' - paintings executed under darkness, showing starry skies over ancient stone monuments.

His work has been displayed widely and some of his paintings are owned by luminaries such as the President of Ireland and businessman Sir Anthony O'Reilly.

Richard's keen eye, coupled with his great appreciation of the natural, and manmade, environments, combine to give us a unique portrait of the ancient sites of the Boyne Valley.





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